Up Comedy Club, Second City
Up Comedy Club, Second City
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A nice little slice of Godfrey.  Now go buy a ticket to the show, damnnit!

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  • Written about 20 hours ago
    I guess they found somebody black to perform!! #TrumpInauguration
  • Written about 5 days ago
    Okay Here we go again Canada!! I'm Bringing the pain this Thurs-Sat @yukyuks in Calgary!! The chinook is in so it's warm as shit over there
  • Written about 8 days ago
    It goes down tonight Dallas!! @AddisonImprov !! 8 &10pm!! This shit goes on thru Sunday!! Real Comedy, Real Laughs , for Real!!
  • Written about 3 weeks ago
    It's going down Tonight Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona!! @houseofcomedyaz 7:30 & 9:45 pm!! Bring your Republican asses over and get some laughs